Belt Weapon Hangers

Belt Weapon Hangers

Our handmade weapon hangers are designed to fit everything from axes to swords.

Vikings, pirates, knights, and SciFi enthusiasts will find the perfect way to carry their rapiers and sabers.

Each one of our frogs is handmade, and we only use the highest quality leather allowing your items to last a lifetime. Whether you're right handed or left handed, we have a weapon hanger that will suit your needs!

Axe Frog
Axe Frog-Double
Frog Dirk
Frog Double Snap
Jack Frog
Leg Frog Harness
Main Gauche
Noble Jack Frog
Rapier Frog
Saber Belt Clip
Saber Belt Loop
Saber Blade Frog
Universal Frog
Whip Frog

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